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Optional- Wheel Kit with Extra Handle Part

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Notes: Need to remove wheel kit when mounting All-Terrain. Only fits part #70800, #70801, #70820 (without mounting plate). Requires minimal tools to attach and detach.

  • Adds Mobility: Wheels offer easy solution to move cargo from vehicle to jobsite, range, or other various areas
  • Easy to Install: Easy assembly and 4 main bolts makes taking the wheel kits a simple process
  • Extra Handle Included: Opposite of the wheels is an included handle for easier pulling
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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Take the versatility of your DU-HA Humpstor or All-Terrain to the next level with our Wheel Kit, turning it into a mobile storage device when not attached to your vehicle or UTV. Effortlessly maneuver your storage unit wherever you need it, adding convenience to your storage solutions.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Wheel Kit ensures smooth transportation without compromising the structural integrity of your storage unit. Whether you're reorganizing your garage, working on a project, or simply need to relocate your storage, this accessory provides the flexibility and mobility you desire.

Installation is straightforward, and the wheels are designed to handle various surfaces, allowing you to navigate your storage unit with ease. Enhance the practicality of your DU-HA Humpstor or All-Terrain with the Wheel Kit, making it a truly mobile and adaptable storage solution for your changing needs.

Optional- Wheel Kit with Extra Handle Part