3-in-1: Protector. Liner. Gun Case.

DRI-HIDE's are water resistant gun protectors for your rifles and shotguns. DRI-HIDE's help protect your guns from nature's elements: water, moisture, dirt, and dust. Available in Nature's Perfect Camo™.


  • Fold & Roll Shotgun Sleeve!

    The DRI-HIDE folds and rolls into a compact, easy to carry and easy to store size. Carry the DRI-HIDE in your pocket or use a carabiner to hang it from your belt loop when you uncase your gun. Fold and roll from barrel tip to stock. Fold and roll into a small easy to carry size when not in use.

  • ID Tag

    I.D. tag allows you to personalize your Dri-Hide and easily identify your guns without having to remove them. Use a permanent marker to write your name and the model of gun stored inside.

  • Sleeve Protector

    Easily insert your firearms into your Dri-Hide gun protector. Velcro® secured closure makes it easy to open and close.

  • Camo Cases

    Nature's Perfect Camo™ features hand painted original artwork by Jon Noack, wildlife artist. DU-HA, Inc. has developed Nature's Perfect Camo™, the latest in designer camo, specifically for Dri-Hide gun protectors.