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  • Fits: Rifles with or without scopes up to 46" long
  • Camo Pattern: Whitetail Racks
  • Dimensions: L 47.5" x W 9.5"
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use gun case
    for protecting and storing your firearms
  • Durable water resistant + breathable fabric provides valuable protection against moisture, dirt, dust, and other elements
  • DWR coating on fabric causes water to bead and helps prevent the fabric from becoming wet
  • Fabric does not retain moisture,
    making the Dri-Hide ideal for year-round storage
  • Velcro® secured closure makes it easy to open and close
  • I.D. tag allows you to easily identify your guns without having to remove them
  • The Dri-Hide provides an extra layer of rust and corrosion protection for your guns when used inside traditional hard cases, soft cases, and gun safes
  • Folds and rolls up compact when not in use
  • Protective flap helps provide quick protection for your gun barrel when it starts to rain
  • Nature's Perfect Camo patterns feature hand-painted original artwork by wildlife artist, Jon Noack
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3-in-1: Protector. Liner. Gun Case.

DRI-HIDE's are water resistant gun protectors for your rifles and shotguns. DRI-HIDE's help protect your guns from nature's elements: water, moisture, dirt, and dust. Available in Nature's Perfect Camo™.

Water resistant+ Breathable Fabric
A water resistant , breathable membrane helps protect your guns from water damage. Microscopic holes in the breathable membrane allow moisture to get out - not in. This also helps prevent rust and corrosion in guns that are put away clean into a DRI-HIDE and stored in high moisture areas.

The DU-HA Dri-Hide offers a convenient solution for gun protection and transport. Its innovative design allows it to fold and roll from barrel tip to stock, creating a compact size that is easy to carry and store. With the ability to attach to a belt loop using a carabiner, the Dri-Hide ensures quick access to your firearm when needed. Personalization options include a "Belongs To" label and an ID tag for easy identification without removing the gun. The secure Velcro closure ensures firearms are safely stored, while the top flap provides additional protection from rain, dirt, and mud during outdoor activities like hunting.

This versatile gun protector is suitable for various outdoor pursuits such as turkey hunting, duck hunting, pheasant hunting, and skeet shooting. Its ability to shield firearms from moisture makes it especially valuable during unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, when paired with the DU-HA Underseat Storage/Gun Case, the Dri-Hide creates an optimal environment for storing guns in a truck, allowing moisture to evaporate out and safeguarding against rust and corrosion. Available for shotguns and rifles, the Dri-Hide offers flexibility with options for adjustable slings to accommodate individual preferences.