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Display Materials
DU-HA Logo
These photos show the DU-HA POP/Display Materials currently available. They also show examples of how to display the DU-HA in your dealership or retail outlet. To request any of these POP/Display Materials, please contact us or your local distributor.

Click on the thumbnail images below to view larger images of the available POP materials.

DU-HA Poster All Models
DU-HA Trifold Brochures
DU-HA 2011 Catalog
32"x24" DU-HA Poster
This full color poster is made from corrugated cardboard and is best displayed inside a
DU-HA or hung on a nearby wall.
(Scroll down for more display ideas.)

These full color brochures feature photos of DU-HA's and list all of the trucks we currently make DU-HA's for. Keep them in stock to show the DU-HA to your customers!

Click on the link below to view or download the brochure in PDF format:
DU-HA Brochure (1.69MB)


2015-2016 Catalog
24 page, full color, 5-hole drilled product catalog, with a complete listing of all DU-HA applications inside the back pages of the catalog.

Click on the link below to view or download a PDF of the catalog:
2015-16 DU-HA Catalog (6.11MB)

DU-HA PowerPoint Presentation DU-HA CD
DU-HA Display Model
PowerPoint Presentation
Available on CD or online, this presentation gives a brief overview of the DU-HA product and gives viewers a better understanding of how it works.

Click here to download the online PowerPoint Presentation (3.93MB).

This CD is loaded with DU-HA product information and hi-res photos!

DU-HA Display - FREE!
Part # 11087
FREE display available to dealers! The DU-HA display is perfect for your retail store or showroom! Display it on a slatwall or shelf.

• (1) DU-HA (full size unit)
• (1) Organizer/gun rack set
• (1) Poster
• (5) Catalogs
• (20) Brochures
• (1) Brochure holder
• (1) DU-HA CD
• (2) Brackets for slatwall

Call us for more information at 1.866.306.3842 or contact your local distributor to request this free display.

Click here for instructions on how to assemble the display (2.25MB)

Install a DU-HA in a crew cab
Crew cabs will hold 2 guns
Show of the gun rack capabilities!
Install a DU-HA in a crew cab by inserting removable dividers and fastening included strap to child safety bracket.
You can also place 2 guns in the gun racks, to show how it works as a gun case. This will give your customers a great visual display of the DU-HA!

Make sure you have the DU-HA installed correctly in the truck.
Placing model guns inside the
DU-HA will help to sell the product. Sportsmen love it!
Install a DU-HA in a truck
Triangle poster on top of a truck
Poster can even sit on the tailgate!
Displaying a DU-HA in a showroom truck is the best way to show the product.

Placing the DU-HA triangle poster on top of the truck will draw the customers attention to both the DU-HA and the truck.

The tailgate also works well to display a DU-HA poster.

Triangle poster is 3-sided
Show off your DU-HA!
You can view this poster from every angle. No matter which side of the room your customer is on, this poster will surely capture their attention.

Leave the doors open in an extended cab to show off the DU-HA you have inside. The poster on top of the truck will direct their attention to the back seat.

You can even display the poster and brochures inside of a DU-HA on the back tailgate of the pickup.
Reach E-Z Logo

Reach E-Z Trifold Brochures
Reach E-Z Display Promotion
Trifold Brochures
Click here to view the brochure
in PDF format (480KB)
Reach E-Z Display - FREE!
Part # 11091

FREE display available to dealers!

• (1) Corrugated Reach E-Z display
• (2) Reach E-Z's (Part #70088)
• (1) Poster
• (20) Brochures
• (1) Brochure holder
• (3) Peg hooks for accessories

Note: Display includes 2 Reach E-Z's. Display will hold up to 8 Reach E-Z's plus accessories. Additional Reach E-Z products must be purchased separately.

Display dimensions:
L 24" x W 12" x H 70.5"

Click here for instructions on how to assemble the display (871KB)

Call us for more information at 1.866.306.3842 or contact your local distributor to request this free display.

Reach E-Z Trifold Brochures
Reach E-Z Display Promotion

Reach E-Z Packaging
Full color packaging, fully enclosed in a plastic clamshell package. Tri-lingual text (English, Spanish, and French). Peg hole in top center of clamshell makes it easy to hang the Reach E-Z on pegboard and slatwall hooks.

Click on the photo to view larger.

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